What Is Kantoria

Kantoria is designed to close the gap between listeners and musicians to create an entirely new experience. We are offering a scalable, proprietary platform for listeners to create music with their favorite musicians, even if the holders have no prior experience. Our mission is to give agency to fans and listeners so they may not only participate, but have a crucial and significant impact on their favorite artists’ music. In a world quickly adopting AI and advancing technologies, Kantoria is offering a super-personable alternative to turn music into a brand new experience.

This ecosystem is bolstered by Kantor’s life’s work as a world-touring DJ, musician, and inventor.  

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How It Works

Our ecosystem will act as a two-part system. The first is a proprietary platform to allow and empower fans and community members to work directly with the artist of their choice in various unprecedented and intimate ways.

The second part is a resource pool that will grant holders access to the high-level resources, tools & experiences cultivated by Kantor & team through their years of experience in the greater music industry and scene. Kantoria serves to make them accessible to every single one of you.

We’re excited to give holders the ability to work with the creatives they love and listen to even if they have never made music before and have zero experience. 

We look forward to closing the gap between beginners and veterans alike, increasing viable opportunities for artists, and providing priceless, real-world experiences. 

The opportunity to collaborate with gifted artists and creators is now available and easily accessible to you. This project gives you the power to shape, influence, and experience art in ways that were previously impossible.

Concept, Origination, & Identity

The concept of Kantoria originated in 2018 when the initial members of OMNIUX were introduced to one another. OMNIUX, the team and company behind Kantoria, was formed to be an all encompassing user experience. As a BaaS (Business as a Service) consultancy specializing in marketing, finance, and technology, OMNIUX supports brands in the development, deployment, and optimization of their businesses. Kantoria was the first project undertaken by OMNIUX and ultimately was developed to create a new sub-sector of the creative industries. With the executive team’s backgrounds originating from the entertainment industries, Kantoria’s identity is rooted in the desire for an alternative experience and income resource for both creatives and consumers.

Leveraging the transformative power of the internet, blockchain, and exponential growth in technology, Kantoria's cutting-edge infrastructure harnesses automation and customization to deliver unparalleled experiences and services in the creative realms. Kantoria revolutionizes music consumption & creation by empowering listeners and unlocking innovative revenue streams for artists. With the widespread adoption of Web2 P2P technologies such as Napster and Limewire, the entertainment industry was forever changed. This left artists without a crucial revenue stream. To solve this problem, there needed to be a unique and potentially parallel economy formed for creative industries. Forging a new income pipeline for creatives is crucial, and it has the potential to give a living wage to tens of millions of creatives worldwide. 

Kantoria’s identity is defined by three attributes: transparency, scalability, and unlimited creativity. With proprietary technology and high moral fabric, our team & community have the ability to change how human-to-human experiences, media creation, and interaction occur forever. Our team sees this opportunity as a necessary evolutionary step for the creatives to form limitless bonds with fans, other artists, and conglomerates alike. The ability to form new bonds and user acquisition is unparalleled with Kantoria’s exclusive platform and we believe that this is only the beginning of what scalable democratized digital creation can offer creatives.

Utilities & Infrastructure

DPMC (Digital Participation Media Creation) is the notion that media creation should not be limited by physical presence. This concept was conceived by the founder in 2020, with the idea that the only way to combat the use of AI and ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) in creative mediums is to supply an element that cannot be replaced by code: human experiences. With the foresight that automation would displace creatives across industries, Kantor understood that there would be no way to save traditional creative roles in several industries. Human interaction is integral for the development of unique ideas, irreplaceable experiences, and emotional understanding of what is being produced. Proprietary technology utilizing fragments of existing Web2, Web3, and DAO code, is what allows Kantoria’s community to produce high speed and low barrier-to-entry results. This will help shape the future of music and art as our community ventures into unknown territory by collaborating with their favorite creatives and providing a truly intimate experience with real world utility and applications. The onboarding of the community’s favorite artists, exposure of the collaborative work, or any other developments will be utilizing funds in the community’s treasury fund. With Kantoria’s dedication of 50% of all secondary royalties (including secondary sales, sync deals, and other licensing opportunities), the immediate additional funding of the community’s treasury fund will be sustainable until the overall technology and platform is brought to a larger mass adopted demographic.

IP Media Creation: Access to cinematic-grade directors, CGI & MOCAP animators, and score producers. All visual elements, including short film episodes, have been hand-crafted by our in-house team of designers, producers, animators, and directors. Having the ability to make impeccable visuals and stories for the community is an integral creative asset for Kantoria. This allows for a highly intricate & experiential collaboration with previously inaccessible visual artists.

Interactive NFT Technologies: Music production directly on NFTs is the new standard Kantoria brings to the table by having a fully interactive audio & visual experience. As digital assets begin exploring new concepts, our team desires to be at the forefront of new age electronic engagements. Our team’s view is that the initial generation of NFTs of being simple static content (photos, videos, and audio) is slowly waning away. The next generation of NFTs and digital assets will need to be interactive, utility driven, and experiential to drive interest and ultimately create fun and unique activities.

Hardware & Software Development: Kantor and team’s experience with developing both hardware and software products is a unique skill base to have for an NFT project. Kantor and Guy Dupont invented a human sized MIDI instrument where the user can produce and perform music through dance. Kantor also has experience in developing LED walls and custom visual hardware through his extensive touring. With OMNIUX’s in-house tech development team, proprietary software creation in many realms is possible for whatever the community desires. Whether that be custom coding and programming with optimized UI/UX for the needed software, to hardware development for products our community will want, our team is ready to forge what our holders desire.

Music Production, Tools, Marketing, and Resource Pool: With access to professional resources such as industry leading project files, sound design racks, mixing and mastering techniques, PR and marketing leads, label connections, tutorials, intimate learning sessions with world-leading musicians, and much more, Kantoria offers an all encompassing solution for any musician, whether a complete beginner to a seasoned veteran.

Events: Kantoria and OMNIUX will be hosting in-person and virtual events on an ongoing basis. Holders will gain priority and even exclusive access to unique experiences. Utilizing existing industry connections, Kantoria and OMNIUX plan on providing GA and AA tickets to holders, some of which may not be accessible outside of tight-knit circles and communities within the entertainment industries. 


Phase 1: Deployment of concept

Kantoria releases information and creative IP on social media platforms showcasing industry leading visuals, audio, and concepts. With collaborations with projects such as Ape List (BAYC), Azuki’s Beans List, Sappy Seals, Pudgy Penguins, and many more Web3 mammoths, Kantoria aims to push itself across the broader NFT social mediums. Beta tests of various interactive NFT technologies will be deployed to our most loyal followers prior to release. 

Phase 2: Mint & Activation of Platform

With the mint of both the interactive free and paid genesis NFTs, our platform will become available to holders and the collaboration between our community and the artists of their choice shall begin. Educational tests will be conducted for the holders to know how the technology is used before voting on what artists our community wants to onboard. Once the community has tested out the platform and technology to create a song or two, the holders will decide on who they will want to work with. When an artist is decided upon, our team will reach out to their representation to solidify a collaboration with our holders being the lead artists and the collaborative creator as the featured artist. With the provencal artist being the feature, our holders will have the opportunity to guide and direct that artist’s work and ultimately give our community a new experience of working with their favorite artists.

Phase 3: Sustainable Growth Model for Mass Adoption

Once several successful songs and collaborations with famous artists have occurred, Kantoria aims to develop the platform into a mass adopted technology. While our team wants to share this technology with the masses, we will always focus on keeping our holders and initial immediate community members as an integral part of our project. Ultimately, as this project and company continues to grow and increase its demographic, we want to change the world of creativity, interactivity, and human collaboration. Since there are endless possibilities for this technology to be adopted to any form of entertainment, media creation, or personal experiences, our team aims to be the driving force for both technological and creative innovation for years to come.


Get ready, creative

Mint Date


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